Why creative play is so important for your kids!

So we all know that being creative is what develops a child, but do you actually know why?

Creative play is an important pillar of a child’s motor skill development, making scribbles with markers and crayons is a skill that sets the foundation for learning to write in the future. It also helps your child with expressing themselves and their own sense of self worth and confidence. Once they have completed their masterpiece they proudly bring it to you with a glisten in their eye and standing really tall waiting for the ‘’WOW , its beautiful’’ . Ahhhhh the sweet memories of showing all my extended family all my art work ! It certainly was a boost of confidence!

Creative play also assists with perseverance (beginning and end) and it aids with visual- spatial skills and decision making and self control. From choosing the colors, to coloring within the lines – this all helps with focus and long attention span.

Introducing Tiger Tribe, the brand created by a couple in Australia that has the most diverse materials to choose from! Their vision was to create fun and imaginative designs for children!

They have a magnitude of themes, from mermaids, to animal kingdom, to fairies!

Easy to pack and convenient to carry, you can now take all the creative play anywhere you go -inter provincial travel is now allowed so on your next trip why not pack a creativity set. Or those rainy days when your child has had enough screen time and you have run out of baking to do- you can count on hours of entertainment!

Very budget friendly and very different from anything else available out there!

We have chosen our favorites below, shop on the website and get 10% off on your first purchase, all you have to do is subscribe and put WELCOME10 at the checkout !

The mermaid set is only R205, the Ocean painting set is R155 and a crowd fave our bath crayons for R140!

The mermaid Set has 36 colouring pages, 5 sheets of full colour stickers, 10 quality markers and a fun handy storage box!

The Ocean painting set helps children with imagination as well as creativity as they fill their magic paintbrush with water and watch their beautiful illustration come to life with every brush-stroke ! How fun!

Then the bath crayons, as the name suggests can draw on the bath! It comes with a towel to wipe off and it wipes off soooooo easily!

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