Long gone are the days of parents pushing their children past their limits to achieve certain milestones faster than other children; or emphasised how fast their child learned how to crawl, walk, talk, write or read.

Now there's a big emphasis on allowing children to be children and learn through play- and for good reason. Play is the language of childhood. From the ages of between 1 and 10, your child's brain is developing at a rapid pace and is absorbing everything around them; and a lot of what they absorb through play and the type of toys they utilise at these stages can affect how they learn later in life, in terms of developing their cognitive abilities (socialising, reading, writing, numeracy, problem-solving skills etc) as well as fine and gross motor skills. In addition those benefits, play allows your child to become more independent- by immersing themselves in a magical imaginary world of their creation, they realise they don’t need their parents or guardians as much- which gives you time to do things while your little one explores their understanding of the world around them.

So you can understand why choosing toys the right kinds of toys is vital!

We at Sage and Coral Kids are big advocates of learning through play, and specialise in toys that will help to develop your child into the best version of themselves- toys that develop the cognitive and motor skills that we previously mentioned to be imperative to the way your child learns.

The toys that we sell aren't mindless entertainment for your child or inane little trinkets, but toys that will truly engage them in a whirlwind of development; promoting a meaningful experience with beneficial effects that will ripple into adulthood.

We hate to call toys ‘’bad’’, but admittedly there are certain toys, as fun as they are for your child, that don’t actually stimulate them mentally or do anything for them in the long run. Toys like these where your child doesn’t have to ‘’work’’ for the reward are dangerous to their development and stunts their progress in achieving those BIG milestones on their own.  Such toys would be ones with screens (we know this one is hard!) and remote controlled.  The effort a child puts into playing with a toy is a direct measure of how much she is growing in that moment,  and these types of toys don’t encourage your child to use their hands for fine motor development, which is critical for handwriting and pencil grip.

Hey, we all had those only battery operated, remote controlled toys growing up and we have fond memories of them but do you still have any of them around to show your little ones? No? Neither do we!

Children of this age seek to become more creative during play as well as their everyday life and routine--they're craving mental stimulation and providing toys that allow them to learn through play  offers a type of structured activity which enables them to explore their creativity in a controlled environment; helping to tame any creative outbursts which may result in the decoration of walls and furniture with colouring pens!

So what is a good toy you ask? A good toy should be able to do the following:

-Give the child confidence

-Engage imagination, creativity through pretend play

-Improve dexterity

-Support language development

-Enhance problems solving skills or some other cognitive ability

-Provide fun and entertainment

-Encourage sharing and turn taking

When shopping on our website for a toy you can be confident that all our toys meet the above criteria. You can also reach out to us and ask for advice--we're always available and happy to chat :)

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