Lockdown guilt? Relax mama, you're doing amazing!

This post is a bit of a personal one for me, I remember the immense pressure when lock down started to come up with one and half million activities to keep the ''normality'' going... I promise it felt like it was a competition online :) Everyday we woke up wondering what will we do to entertain Reef(4 year old) and Coral(13 months) today? Lock down parental guilt is a real thing! How can we entertain our kids and still have our normal lives?

As parents we all want what is best for our little ones! During these uncertain and bizarre times, we might be feeling anxious as we try and adjust our families for the “new” world we now live in, our kids routines have been thrown out the window as schools have been interrupted and they have spent more time at home.

Every time we go out to buy milk we need remind our kids to sanitize their hands, wear their mask and practice social distancing. Even for adults this can be extremely stressful so imagine how our little one's are feeling and how they are processing these changes! Long gone are the days where we would chase the kids to fetch both their shoes, now we have to remind them of a mask!

As a mother of two, I have seen first hand the effects this has on my little ones, my son Reef does not understand why he cannot go to school and play with his friends or attend his much loved after school extra murals. His behavior has changed as a result, throwing a few more tantrums and pushing his boundaries a little more than usual. This in turn makes us lash out at them and we are left with hours of guilt and wondering ''what can we do!''.

YOU are doing nothing wrong- we are all feeling like this- you are not alone.

We are trying our best to balance work from home and ensuring our children don't have too much of the dreaded screen time. We are all looking for those creative activities to keep their little minds busy and to allow us some breathing room to attend to work, house keeping and so on!

Wondering how you can deal with the guilt? Well, first of all, relax. Take a deep breath.... the current state of the world cannot rest on your shoulders and you cannot fix it.

Life has ups and downs and this too shall pass....

This time spent living through a pandemic can be many things: a time of calm, a time of upset, a time of setting goals or adjusting goals, and a time for realistic emotions. Pandemonium need not prevail! At the end of the day , your child will ALWAYS think of you as amazing, even if they noticed our frustration from time to time :)

Instead, during this time at home try to remember that your little one's they will not be this age again, and this is precious time spent with them . When we are working we wish we could be home to watch our babies grow, now that we are home we wish we could go back to work, ''amiright''??

Guilt is a normal emotion, and boy does it get heightened with parenting! But never fear, we at Sage and Coral kids have many activities to keep your little ones busy, whilst working on dexterity, cognitive development and so on, hey we are all about education through play after all!

However my pick of the week is our lovely train sets from Big Jigs! I have a VERY soft spot for train sets, my son is obsessed and I love watching him play for hour at end.

There is an array of train sets available with loads of accessories which we can be added to Christmas and birthday wish lists which you can send to family members to help the collection grow! Its a never ending toy really :)

thanks for reading our post, please leave us a comment as to how you dealt with lockdown guilt , we would love to hear from you!

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